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REGISTER: Removing the Blocks to Your Open Heaven

Join us for an evening of worship and fellowship as Minister Debra Guerrero teaches on the Jewish Shemitah, providing guidance on how you can remove the hinderances and blocks on your life—to receive your blessings from a season of an OPEN HEAVEN! Leviticus Chp. 25 promises bountiful harvests to those who observe the shmita, and…

Prophet Arial & Elder Lasheka Allen

Welcome Prophet Ariel & Elder Lasheka Allen

My wife and I (for a couple of years now) have felt a pull to visit North Carolina. We didn’t know why (except that it had something to do with ministry) and would often discuss God’s wonderful plan in that city. Little did we know… that God would shift the winds with a quick work and bring North…


2nd Annual Sisters Standing Coming Sept. 2015!

“Sisters Standing” is a social & networking organization designed to help unify & support women in business who are also women of FAITH. The organization also works to serve and offer community assistance to women & children in need.